Aretha Franklin’s amazing speech that moved the president

Music is wonderful when it is compatible with your daily life. But music can touch the most delicate strings of our hearts. And many people can’t control themselves and get excited under the music. It was 2015, Aretha Franklin was performing on stage. She is really a wonderful singer.

An award ceremony was taking place, which was also attended by President Obama. The singer won awards many times, so this time she would not receive. On that day, he was asked to perform and complete the ceremony with his wonderful participation. When the beautiful singer finishes the song, the whole hall gives her a standing ovation. The president and his wife also stand up. This was incredible.

The audience was delighted, and the cameras also recorded how the president was moved. Obama also spoke about that day and said that that song convinces him a lot and that song is a very patriotic song.


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