The girl moved from the city to the village and built her own small but comfortable residence. It consists of 2 floors.

Microhouses have firmly entered modern life. A lot of people leave the cities and settle in the countryside in mini-houses, which have everything they need for normal life. However, there are such creative builders and architects who can turn anything into a living space. Design Academy graduate Stella van Beer has created micro houses from an unused silo.
The girl turned an agricultural building into a two-level “residential” space. Of course, such apartments are not suitable for permanent living, but it is quite possible to temporarily settle there.

Stella van Beers converts old grain silo into micro home

The main advantage of such a structure is that the tower can be installed anywhere without a building permit. In addition, the silo tower is very easy to purchase even for free. Due to the reduction of cattle in the Netherlands, many silage towers simply become unusable. Using them for the construction of housing can also solve the problem of their disposal. Recycling silos is a very expensive procedure. After acquiring the silo tower, Van Beer started her work. Since the towers are not designed to enter a person inside, the first thing the designer did was to cut out the entrance doors, make a porch, as well as a spiral staircase to connect the two floors. On the lower floor, she designed a living room with a table and chairs, and on the second floor she placed a sleeping place. Both floors have large windows that offer beautiful views of nature, and there is a skylight at the very top.

Stella van Beers converts grain silo into micro home
The girl presented her project at the graduation show of the Academy for a bachelor’s degree. This is just a prototype housing designed in a silo tower. With her work, the girl hopes to inspire people to use these towers for temporary housing. This is not the only project where silos are used. Back in 2017, near the city of Groningen, a group of young architects designed a mini-house from two silos. Unlike Stella Van Beer’s design, they used the towers in a horizontal position rather than vertical. Unfortunately this project is currently closed.


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