One of the children tried to step on the prize he won during the Olympic Games

he Official Channel of the Olympic Competitions has published a video in which instead of the struggle of adult athletes, we can see children of different ages.
This is not the first such film produced by the Olympic Channel. During the last Summer Olympic Games, TV viewers also watched adorable kids taking part in the Olympics.

Adorable baby

The Olympic Sports Media Portal, launched by the International Olympic Committee, launched on August 21, 2016, the closing day of the 2016 Summer Olympics. The goal of the Olympic Channel is to maintain year-round interest in the Olympic Movement. The Olympic Channel media portal broadcasts competitions outside the Olympic Games period, as well as posting video and text interviews of athletes, their biographies, news, competition calendars and the schedule of broadcasts of tournaments in Olympic sports outside the Games. The heroes of Olympic Channel materials are eminent athletes of the past and present, future stars and coaches from all over the world.
The organizers of the channel decided to dream up and present the Olympic Games, which will be open to kids from all countries. Little athletes will represent their countries in the arena. This would definitely lead to the most fun and exciting Olympic Games of all time and nations.

Adorable baby
The video begins with a montage of clips from various activities at the games, where children smiling and adorably competing. In the video you can see cute and funny kids who take part in various sports. For example, two boys play curling and do pranks during the game.
The scene then changes to a snowy winter scene where the little ones are bobsleighing. They descend so smoothly that they are not even afraid of such a height and descent. Later in the video, viewers greet little athletes competing in a bobsleigh for two kids. At the end of the video, you can even see how the little athletes flaunt the medals they won at the games, and one little girl even tries to eat it.



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