This bridge is so wonderful that it is worth seeing at least once in a lifetime

Bridges are some of the most beautiful and complex architectural projects of all time. Recently, the issues of bridge design have been increasingly occupied by the world’s leading experts in the field of architecture and construction. Bridges are symbols of technical and cultural progress, not only of this era, but of the era as a whole. All engineering structures, including transport ones, have an aesthetic impact on people. Unlike industrial and civil buildings, bridges represent a special kind of structure. Bridges are different.

There are bridges designed for car traffic, others for bicycles, and the most interesting are pedestrian bridges, as they are built using the concept of safety and aesthetics. If in ancient times it took years to build a bridge, and incorrect calculations often led to the destruction of the structure, then modern methods of computational analysis and modeling make it possible to calculate structures of complex spatial shape, using of modern high-strength materials and sustainable design.
There are many interesting and unusual bridge designs in the world that fascinate with their appearance. All of them are unique in their architectural form and construction methods. One such place is the longist suspension footbridge in Portugal called Pointe 516. It is located over the Poiva River and is a real architectural masterpiece. Thousands of tourists come every year to look at the unique structure. The bridge is located at such a height that not everyone dares to walk on it. From a height, a beautiful view of the picturesque river and surroundings opens up. Those who are afraid of heights should not climb the bridge. But still, it’s definitely worth looking at this miracle of architecture at least from the outside. Availability of modern highly efficient computer technologies allows architectors to find completely new solutions to architectural problems, and mathematical models of structures make it possible to analyze engineering systems and evaluate all the pros and cons.


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