They placed a camera in the bird’s nest and filmed how it builds a nest and takes care of its young.

Not only people love comfort and cleanliness at home. Birds are also very serious about building their nests before they lay their eggs. Nest building takes a long time. For almost a month, birds equip a home for future offspring. In Britain, the Foundation for Ornithology, which monitors various bird species, filmed a video of a tit building its nest. This is a long and laborious process. The first step is to choose a place for the nest. The bird takes into account two important criteria. The nest must be in an inaccessible place so that animal do not find it. And also it should be, if possible, protected from winds and rain.

Mama bird builds nest in amazing time-lapse video
The bird found a very convenient place – a birdhouse, which the children built and hung on a tree in the park. The video shows how the tit carefully examines the birdhouse and evaluates it externally and internally. Then construction work begins. The bird begins to collect branches for the nest. She carefully chooses what she needs. And now, after a long 30-40 days, the nest is ready and you can prepare to lay eggs and hatch chicks.

From empty nest to first egg in less than 8 minutes! - BlueTit nest box  live camera highlights 2021 - YouTube

In the wild, birds are most common in deciduous and mixed forests, but in urban environments they live in gardens and parks. The bird is a very curious bird, it loves to explore the area and find out all the places where it can get food. They are very attentive. Their sight and hearing capture literally everything, and a sonorous voice is heard from afar. They feel in advance what winter will It like. The more titmouse arrives in autumn, the more cold is to be expected. It is very difficult for this bird to sit in one place. It is in constant motion. This is a flock bird that does not know what loneliness is.

From empty nest to first egg in less than 8 minutes! - BlueTit nest box  live camera highlights 2021 - YouTube

Tit since ancient times live next to people. Therefore, people stopped paying attention to them, but in vain. Titmouses are interesting birds in their character and behavior. Recently, the attention of ornithologists to tits has increased and they began to observe them more often and make notes and conclusions. Tits are distinguished by a fairly developed intellect and their actions are never spontaneous. They think through every detail.


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