The dog got the parcel instead of the house owners

A funny story happened to a postal worker who delivered packages from Amazon. These days, online marketplaces have become very popu lar and people often buy everything through the mail or on the Internet. It’s more convenient, and you don’t have to spend time shopping. You can choose products while sitting in an armchair at home. Amazon is the most sought after company among users. Over the years, it has won the love and trust of many customers. Amazon is not only an intermediary for the sale of items of different brands, but also sells items of its own production. The Amazon algorithm notices what users like, and then releases exactly the same product from itself, only two to three times cheaper. There are Amazon points in all cities, and mostly couriers bring things.
One of the company’s employees, as usual, went to deliver parcels to addressees. Arriving at the address, the door was open, but it was clear that no one was at home. When the courier entered the yard, a husky dog rushed to meet him. T The dog surrounded the courier and began to jump around. When the man tried to leave the yard, the husky suddenly snatched the parcel from the hands of the courier and ran away.


Husky is a very playful breed of dog. But at the same time, they are wayward, used to making decisions on their own and striving for dominance. You shouldn’t joke with them. The courier was confused and did not know what to do. Realizing that the dog would not give him the package, the man tried to approach the house, hoping that the owners would be at home. But the dog wouldn’t let him into the house either. What happened next was the most curious and sad. Husky began to tear the parcel to pieces. The courier stood in amazement and did not know what to do. It seems that the customer was not lucky this time. He was never lucky enough to receive his parcel. And no one will know what was inside. The dog decided to appropriate the order. Let’s hope that there was dog food inside and the husky at least tasted something delicious.


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