The boy started playing a piano placed on the street, and gathered the passers-by around him.

Classical music sounding on the streets of the city fills the city with some kind of soothing power. Why the piano? Because since ancient times, this particular instrument has been considered calming and filled with positive energy. The piano has rich expressive means and the ability to reproduce a wide variety of music: classical, jazz, pop. The piano can take the place of an entire orchestra, but its sound also harmonizes with almost any other instrument.

Cole Lam
On street pianos you can hear not only amateurs, but also talented young performers who play for their own pleasure. Once, at the city station, a twelve-year-old boy sat down at the piano, who also decided to play something. People didn’t notice him at first and went about their business. However, when the boy began to play, from the very first notes it became clear that the child was talented. He played “The Sound of Silence”, written by Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel. The boy played the melody by changing it a little. It turned out to be a very interesting cover version of the famous work. The piano melody sounded among the noisy station and echoed every note. Passers-by stopped and listened in fascination. Brilliant performance, very soulful and emotional. No wonder the piano is compared to the artist’s palette. It was for this instrument that beautiful musical works were created. It’s incredible how a twelve-year-old boy could play such a profound piece. After all, playing the piano is not only sliding your fingers over the keys. The pianist must feel his instrument and convey music through it. The boy made people imbued with his music and for a moment forget about their affairs and worries. The sound of the piano especially has a calming effect on a person. Classical music brings peace of mind.


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