As soon as they turn on the music, the little girl starts dancing

A video of little Maddie, who loves Bruno Mars very much, has become very popular. It has been viewed by millions of netizens. The baby is looking forward to when her favorite composition sounds to dance and sing along. Every day, Maddie and her parents go to her grandparents, where she stays until mom and dad finish the work and take her back home. Apparently, the parents also love this song very much, since the little girl already knows it by heart. Maddy perfectly feels when she starts to sing along. As soon as the beat starts to play, she shakes her head to the beat and waits for the main song to start. And then he starts dancing while sitting in his car seat. It looks very cute and funny. Users noted that for her age, Maddie has an excellent sense of tact and rhythm. These qualities are manifested at such an early age, not in all children. Meddie moves very clearly into the rhythm, feels where the introduction is, where the verses are and where the chorus is.

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Developing a sense of rhythm is very important for children.It helps the child to move well to the music, coordinate the movements of his body and even breathe correctly, evenly. Articulation, smoothness and clarity of speech also depend on the sense of rhythm. Toddlers are naturally gifted with a sense of rhythm and perception of sounds. A few months after birth, the baby reacts to music: he smiles, sways, actively moves. And having matured a little, he already has his own musical preferences. Having heard a favorite melody, the child will immediately begin to move cheerfully to it. As soon as the baby just gets on his feet, he soon has sufficient control over his own body, and he makes his first attempts to dance. Maddy has already decided on her favorite artist. She loves Bruno Mars and especially his composition “Uptown Funk”. She is not bored on the road, as the girl knows that soon her parents will turn on the music and she will sing along and dance all the way. Charming baby Maddie is growing as a small music lover.


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