A group that performs its interesting performances on the street

There is no such city on our planet where street music would not sound. Street singers and musicians create a special atmosphere and color on the streets of the city. It is always a pleasure to walk around the city in the evening and listen to these beautiful sounds of street melodies that mix with the conversations of passers-by and the noise of cars. In each city, mostly street musicians choose music in the national theme. Ethno melodies seem to immerse in the history and traditions of these people. In Scottish towns you can also often meet musicians playing the bag-pipes. On one of the streets right in front of the shoe store, an unusual boy band plays every evening.

Seven men are dressed in national costumes and play bag-pipes and drums. Usually the bag-pipe is associated with Scottish music by most people. Listening to the bag-pipes, one involuntarily imagines fabulous Scotland with its picturesque plains and ancient castles, a man in a plaid skirt and beautiful Riverdance dances. Many consider the bag-pipe to be an original Scottish instrument. However, this is not entirely true. The exact origin of the bag-pipe remains a mystery to this day. It is only known that the bag-pipe is a traditional instrument of many peoples of Europe and Asia, but the Scottish one, which is a symbol of its country, is especially popular. The bagpipe is a reed wind musical instrument. Men in traditional attire masterfully use the bag-pipe. And the drumming complements the music very harmoniously. The band is very unique. Men play emotionally, as if they feel the music with their soul and enjoy their game themselves. Drummers are especially absorbed in their playing. They not only play, but also dance around their musical instruments. None of the passers-by can pass by the colorful group. Everyone stops and listens. Someone is dancing, someone is singing along. Musicians don’t mind being filmed. They are happy to pose, even smile, wave or wink. The musical group is very cheerful and fervent. After listening to them for a couple of minutes, you can recharge with positive energy for the whole day. Scottish music with its tact and special sound can lift the spirit of anyone.


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