This little one is only a year old, but he is already a famous chef

Children are so different and funny, especially toddlers. They are all interested and want to try everything. Toddlers love to try themselves in different roles. Either they play firefighters or doctors. But little baby Kobe loves cooking and always helps his mother. The boy is only one year old, and he already knows how to manage food and spices.

The little chef’s blog is run by his parents. Ashley initially shared cute videos of her child playing while cooking on their personal blog. And when they saw that the subscribers like it and they ask to shoot new videos, they decided to open both Kobe’s personal blog and a channel where the child cooks.

Meet Chef Kobe, the 1-year-old chef taking the internet by storm with his  culinary cuteness - Hindustan Times

Ashley stays behind the scenes all the time. Her mission is to film and help her son, who sprinkles chicken breast with spices, lays out products that will be baked in the oven, and adds flour to the dough. Mom says that her son loves to try everything he cooks.

The baby’s favorites are fruits and berries. The process of cooking in the family is very fun: mom and son laugh if they accidentally spill flour and it rises like a pillar. Becoming an Internet star is the dream of many bloggers. But not everyone manages to achieve such popularity, which was received by cook Cobe Wine, because in just a few months his account gained more than 1.7 million subscribers. The one-year-old chef has long won the hearts of millions. The glorious kid teaches the general public how to prepare elaborate meals that most adults can’t cook. The young chef began his culinary “career” with traditional macaroni and cheese, and today, among online video tutorials, you can even find a step-by-step recipe for the Turkish dish menemen. Among the signature delicacies there is also a classic of the genre – marinated chicken, blueberry cocktail and shish kebab. Mom strongly encourages the desire of the child and at the same time records videos with the participation of her son.


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