The turtle and the puppy are close friends. They love each other very much

The dog is an amazing animal known for its kindness and devotion. This is perhaps the only animal that is so strongly attached to a person and is ready to fulfill any desire of the owner. It is very important for dogs to have a caring and loving owner, then they will be truly happy. Dogs are friends not only with people, but also with other animals. A puppy named Skippy appeared in a family where there were many different animals.

The puppy immediately made friends with all the inhabitants of the yard, but he struck up a special friendship with the turtle. It would seem that dogs and turtles have something in common, they are completely different animals, they rarely intersect and have nothing in common. When the turtle appeared in the house, after some time the Skippy puppy was adopted into the family.

Then the turtle was small in size, and the puppy was very tiny. Their characters were strikingly different: Skippy loved to have fun and jump from childhood, and the turtle preferred a measured lifestyle. In addition, the turtle really liked to frolic in the water, and the dog clearly enjoyed spending time on land. Yes, and their food was different: the tortoise ate flowers and fruits with pleasure, and Skippy preferred meat and bones. The puppy is constantly playing and jumping, trying to involve the turtle in his games. He brings her his toys or a stick he found somewhere. Yes, and the turtle is not averse to lying in the sun and watching skippies. She does not refuse the gifts that Skippy brings her and fiddles with them on the lawn. Since childhood, they loved to sleep in each other’s company and even as adults they do not change their tradition. They love spending time in each other’s company and posing for photos together. Skippy and the turtle might never have met in the wild, but thanks to the kind people who took them in, they became true friends. The owners never cease to wonder how such different animals can be friends with each other. There are many different animals in this family – cats, a parrot and even a guinea pig. But Skippy only liked the turtle. From early morning until late at night, a cheerful puppy entertains the turtle and pleases those around him.


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