The pensioner moved to live in Gyuz. Her house is small but very beautiful

There is an opinion that in old age people no longer have many needs and they simply live out their old age. But every age is beautiful and you should never give up on your desires because of age. Sandy is 75 years old and has finally made her dream come true and moved into a mini house in a picturesque area. The woman has always worked hard, raised children and grandchildren, and finally she wanted to live in her own house and do what she loves.

She bought a tiny house of only 18 square meters and began to furnish it. Because of her age, she did not make the bed under the ceiling. True, because of this, the usable area has decreased, but Sandy was enough. Another change to the interior was the purchase of additional windows for more light and visual space. The kitchen has everything you need – a washer-dryer, refrigerators, gas stove and microwave. Near the folding table is a comfortable easy chair, so as not to get tired while cooking. Sandy has thought of every detail in her home. In the mini-living room there is a cozy soft sofa-transformer, which can be put away in a closet at any time. Sandy’s entire house is made of wood, both inside and out.

Thanks to natural finishes, the house looks more urban and fits perfectly into the natural landscape. Sandy happily moved into her new home. After living for many years in a city apartment, she wanted to try country life in a private house. Her priority was compactness, simplicity of design and classic style. Sandy’s favorite place was the terrace in front of the house, where she spent a lot of time. There is a wicker table and chairs with soft cushions, as well as a barbecue and small flower beds. According to the woman, she likes to spend evenings on the terrace with a cup of tea and admiring nature. The place where Sandy moved is a mountainous area where many small houses were built. Mostly pensioners or young lovers of nature and a solitary life who work remotely live here. The woman walks a lot, rides a bike and communicates with her neighbors. She enjoys her life and loves her home.


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