The father and the little boy are talking. They are filmed by mom who starts laughing out loud

Amateur videos on the Internet have been very popular lately. Especially a lot of views are gained by videos with the participation of children, which are scammed by parents and posted on social networks. Statistics show that videos with children under 13 received three times more views than other videos. Moreover, it is children’s channels that are very successful and popular on the video platform. So, some kids are far ahead of many popular adult bloggers in terms of the number of subscribers and views. In the production of content for children YouTubers, of course, parents help in everything.
A married couple from Virginia also decided to keep up with modern trends and shot a very funny video about their baby. According to the parents, they did not even think of filming their son at first, but he behaved so funny that his mother took out her phone and filmed everything on video. It all started with the fact that the parents of two-year-old Matty decided to potty train the child. When his father put him on the potty, Matty began to talk to his dad and assure him that he did not need the pot at all. The dialogue lasted over twenty minutes.


The kid, with such an innocent smile, talked to his father and made such ridiculous arguments that it was impossible not to laugh. Mom at that time filmed everything on the phone and also could not contain her laughter. Moreover, the kid’s dad tried his best to stay serious, explaining to his son how important it is to sit on the potty, but the boy continued his cheerful speech. It looked very funny. Matty had such a sweet smile and such innocent eyes that his parents could no longer be serious.They ended up laughing and hugging their son. The video was posted on YouTube. It got a record number of views. No user could remain indifferent. Little Matty won a big audience. In the comments, everyone admired his openness and spontaneity. Children’s videos are gaining a lot of views, because all their emotions are sincere. They never pretend or try to look different. Children’s smiles and laughter have a calming and uplifting effect on adults. Previously, amateur videos were filmed more for family archives, but now Internet platforms make it possible to share these videos with the whole world. Thanks to this, many kids become popular all over the world.


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