The dog teaches the child to walk. The baby tries to follow the dog’s steps

There is a special bond between animals and children. This is especially noted by parents who have small children or newborns. Pets are very protective of babies, and dogs very often play the role of a nanny, taking care of them. All actions of the child and the dog must be under the strict supervision of adults. Despite this, dogs have a very positive effect on children. Communication with a dog improves social skills. Thanks to regular communication with a furry friend, kids easily get to know their peers and do not feel superfluous in new companies.
Also the presence of a dog in the family instills discipline and a sense of responsibility. Although the bulk of the responsibilities for caring for animals falls on adults, small owners can also be trusted with walking and feeding from a certain age.Children’s immunity is strengthened. Children and dogs love to play with each other, and outdoor games and daily walks are good for their health. A significant role is played by regular acquaintance with microbes, which increases the body’s defenses. Babies become less anxious. Separately, it is worth noting the formation of sympathy. With proper upbringing and compliance with the basic safety rules, babies learn to understand the feelings of the animal and respond adequately to them.

Giant dog and baby
There are a lot of videos that show that dogs and children can be best friends. Sometimes dogs can even be teachers for toddlers. It’s hard to believe, but many parents are filming how their four-legged pets teach their babies to crawl. In one of these videos, a five-month-old baby cannot crawl in any way, and his friend Russell crawls excellently and clearly demonstrates this to the child. Then the dog stops
and looks back at his student. As if checking whether the baby has learned the lesson, whether he is ready to demonstrate his knowledge in “crawling”.


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