Seeing his father’s twin brother, the little boy could not recognize his father

A video where a baby cannot distinguish between his own father and an uncle who looks like him like two drops of water has gone viral on social networks. Stephen Ratpoyankul’s son, Reid, was almost a year and a half old when he first saw his uncle. And he looked exactly like the boy’s father: the brothers were twins.
The baby has a very funny reaction when he cannot understand why there are suddenly two dads? And to which of them now go to the handle?

Adorable Baby can’t tell which of these identical twins is his dad
By the way, this is not the only video of this kind on the net. This video was followed by a whole challenge. All the parents who watched it were interested to know: will their own child be able to recognize them? Therefore, other mothers with twin sisters, and fathers with brothers tried to repeat the experiment. The result, of course, is funny, but disappointing for some. Almost none of the kids managed to “identify” their own mom and dad with confidence. Parents put their children in a dead end by introducing them to their twins. When mom or dad has a twin sister or brother, this can be extremely confusing for the baby, both at the first meeting and at subsequent meetings. Especially if the twins specifically begin to resemble each other in order to observe the reaction of the child.
Another touching moment, captured by Trina Kaufman, has become very popular on the Web. It was watched by millions of people. The mother of two shared footage of her childs meeting their uncle Matt, their father’s twin brother. To add to the confusion, both men even dressed alike, in navy blue shirts and jeans, with a beard making them more resembling.
Confused babies look adorable. They don’t understand how two dads ended up in the room. The video shows the children’s father holding his son while his identical twin, Uncle Matt, holds baby Meadow.
After all, they still do not know and do not understand what twins are. Therefore, it is better not to play with the emotions of the child and wait a little before meeting your uncle and aunt if you are twin brothers or sisters.


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