Friendship can also be between a dog, a parrot and a rabbit.

It turns out that affection, respect and a desire to have fun are inherent not only in people, but also in pets. According to a pet behavior and education specialist, social relationships between members of different species are common. It is safe to assume that domestic animals that interact closely with other species are likely to have had contact with them early in their development or have had positive social experiences over time. Cats and dogs get along easily and can even love each other. Mutually friendships between different species of animals may arise naturally, but their close communication is possible only thanks to man. Several pets under one roof is like a small zoo. Each of them has its own character, habits and characteristics.

Baby bunnies and budgie

Several animals in the house suggest other curious alliances. Parrots can become bosom buddies of dogs. Ornamental rats, guinea pigs, hamsters and other small rodents initially become the object of lively attention for dogs and cats. If they make friends at a very early age, no problems will arise. Whereas adult animals may perceive such neighbors as another moving toy.

Baby bunnies and budgie
Fashionable in recent years, domestic ferrets are very inquisitive by nature and quickly make friends, especially among sheep dogs, mastiffs and St. Bernards. Representatives of hunting breeds consider ferrets as a treasured trophy that must be won for the owner. Perhaps the most harmless in this regard are land turtles.
There are many videos on the internet where different pets are friends with each other. In one of these videos, a retriever is friends with two fluffy rabbits and a parrot. Reception dog with rabbits has been living for a long time and they get along great with each other. And the parrot joined them recently, but the animals met their new comrade very friendly.
Many animals are capable of living in harmony in the same territory and even becoming best friends. The main thing is to provide each of them with full-fledged care and not deprive anyone of love. And then the joy of communicating with pets and their funny pranks will bring unspeakable pleasure.


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