Donkeys are also no less loyal than dogs. This donkey has become a faithful friend of the little boy.

This is a kind story about a boy’s friendship with a donkey named Snickers. If a family is engaged in farming, it means that their children will grow up surrounded by animals. The boy Gunnar grew up in just such a family, where there were horses, dogs and cats. The kid was very kind and loved animals. One day, his father brought home a donkey, and Gunnar liked it from the first minutes. The boy was very happy with the new pet and immediately decided to make friends with him. True, at first Gunnar approached the donkey with caution. He had never seen donkeys before, so he did not yet know how to communicate with the animal. The boy came to the paddock every morning and watched his father feed the animals. Then he fed Snickers himself several times. A week later, the boy and the donkey became best friends. Now Gunnar fed his friend only himself, and in the evenings combed his back with a comb.

Donkey with baby
Donkeys are very loyal friends, because they are relatives of horses. Donkeys were domesticated much earlier than horses. It happened in Egypt. Donkeys are very hardworking: they can work for about ten hours with lunch breaks, which is why they are so popular as pets. Donkeys are not as stubborn as we used to think. Donkeys also know how to be friends: they find a friend for themselves and spend all the time with him.

Donkey with baby

It turns out that they are friends not only with their own kind, but also with the child. Gunnar and Snickers became inseparable friends. Donkey’s trust must be earned, and not only with a tasty treat, but also with a kind word, an affectionate gesture. Donkeys are very smart, with developed intuition and good hearing, they know how to plan and change the road in time. If they suspect that something is wrong ahead, they won’t even take a step there.


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