Dad takes pictures of his little one doing big things like a man. The pictures have gone viral on the internet so much that many are waiting for the next pictures

All parents love to take photos and videos of their children. With the development of digital technologies, it has become easy and affordable. Twenty years ago, in order to take a photo, one had to turn to photographers. Not everyone had a special technique to take photos. However, now each of us has smartphones that allow us to take quality photos anytime and anywhere. If some just take ordinary photos of their children, then the creative dad from New Jersey takes unusual “manly” pictures of his little son.
Matt McMillan is not only a talented programmer, but also a loving father of two adorable kids. Not so long ago, his youngest son Ryan was six months old. In honor of this significant event, Matt and his wife Alyssa took a series of funny photos, each of which shows little Ryan as a real man.

Not surprisingly, immediately after being published on Facebook, baby Ryan McMillan became a real star of the Internet. Little Ryan was born 9 weeks ahead of schedule . When the baby was finally brought home, he seemed so tiny . But Matt was sure that Ryan would soon get stronger and be no different from his peers.
And indeed, by the age of 6 months, Ryan has turned into a healthy, strong and very curious little boy. This prompted Matt to take a series of purely male photographs of the baby.

Dad Uses Photoshop Magic To Show His Premature Son Being "Manly" |

The man already had experience of such funny photo shoots: two years earlier, when daughter Ella was born in the Macmillan family, a loving dad also took a series of pictures for her, allegedly while practicing various sports.
Before filming began, Matt and Alyssa made their own props, including a small briefcase that Ryan would “walk to work” with. Then they chose clothes for each of the 12 subjects. And only after that they started filming.
Users liked the unusual photo shoot so much that many would like to see a sequel, but Matt has no plans to take new pictures yet.


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