A two-year-old girl won an intellectual contest in the USA. His IQ is equal to 146

In the United States, a two-year-old girl has become the youngest member of the Mensa intellectual society, which brings together people with the highest IQ in the world. In the IQ test, Kashi Quest was able to score 146 points. Kasha’s parents said that despite her age, their daughter has already known all the elements of the periodic table, she can name, recognize by shape and determine the place on the map of 50 US states and solve codes.

Kashe Quest
The girl’s parents noticed that the child’s intellectual development began to develop dramatically immediately after the daughter said her first word. Soon she was speaking in sentences of five or more words. A pediatrician drew attention to the unusual abilities of Kasha at the age of one and a half. At the reception, the girl easily named objects, their shape and colors. Then the doctor decided to show Kashi to a psychologist, who, for the sake of interest, decided to let her pass the IQ testing of the Mensa Society. And the girl scored 146 points.
Research on child development was carried out as early as the beginning of the 20th century. The ratio of intelligence to age is a key component of any analysis. Teachers and scientists wondered how quickly to determine his current level of mental development. The best solution, which is still popular today, is the IQ test for young children, which includes a series of questions formulated in a specific way, the chosen solutions to which form a single picture of the actual state of development. It is not some separate ability for mathematics or grammar that is subject to analysis – this is a full-fledged complex study in a playful way. IQ test for children shows the presence of verbal-logical, practical ability, abstract ability to think. Modern questionnaires minimize errors with a non-standard type of thinking. Extraordinary solutions exclude a decrease in the general indicator of intelligence due to the special wording of questions.
The family supports Kashi in every possible way in her desire to learn something new, encourages her and creates the most favorable environment and comfortable atmosphere for her development. Every time when something goes wrong, dad and mom tell their daughter that she is smart and they are very proud of her.


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