This house is really wonderfully built. It was designed and built by the woman with her own hands.

Previously, it was always believed that a country house should be large or it would be better if it had several floors and also a plot of land in the yard. However, more and more people prefer houses with a minimum area and are sure that it is more cozy and comfortable. Most often, mini-houses up to 30 square meters are built either by young couples who do not yet want to have children and consider this housing option as temporary, or by people who have recently retired.

Tiny home

They leave an apartment in the city to their children and move closer to nature, so that they have a garden, and the opportunity to spend more time outsude.  Modern mini-houses are by no means “chicken coops” where everyone is cramped and uncomfortable. Yes, in a house of up to 40 “squares” there are usually only two rooms, and the kitchen combines the functions of a living room and a dining room.  But here it is quite possible to put a sofa that unfolds at night, and expand the usable area due to the terrace and veranda – this is not an apartment, after all, there is enough land around to relax and receive guests in the fresh air. In mini-houses, the mezzanine floor is often equipped. Usually a sleeping place is created there, where you can climb a ladder, and a working area appears below, where you don’t need to stand, but sit, that is, the ceiling height is not so critical. Mini houses are a trend that continues to gain popularity. Not everyone needs huge mansions.

Tiny home

You can comfortably settle down on 30 square meters, make an unheated extension, think through every little thing and then save on the operation of the house. An example of such a house is a mini-house located in a small American suburb, which has an area of ​​ more than 18 square meters. The house belongs to a young designer named Marie, who built it herself. Marie works remotely, so she wanted to leave the noisy city and settle in the suburbs closer to nature. She was inspired by various examples of building mini-houses and decided to also become the owner of such a house. Her house is thought out very rationally. All furniture is transformed, the kitchen has the necessary household appliances, and the girl has allocated a comfortable working area for herself. The house is connected to the mains, there are also solar panels on the roof. The girl was satisfied with the result of her work.


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