This castle looks like a Disney castle. However, people do not live here. Here’s why

Thanks to the advent of photography and the development of digital technologies, we can travel the world without leaving our homes.

We just need to sit comfortably on the couch with a cup of coffee.

Eleanor Bones is a blogger and photographer who travels the world, photographs various amazing places,

and shows her followers and everyone who wants to see the world.

Сотни заброшенных диснеевских замков в Турции

This time, Eleanor visited the north-west of Turkey and found a fabulous place there. We often hear about abandoned houses, villages and even cities.

But no one has seen abandoned fairytale castles. A whole town is located in the Mujurlu region and is called Burj al-Babas.

Over 500 castle-like houses fill the village and they all look the same.

It seems that these are houses for Disney heroes and now Aladdin will fly in on his carpet or a fairy will appear.

However, the houses, like the streets, are empty. If we take a closer look at them, we will see that they are unfinished.

Windows without glass and empty rooms in which only the wind walks. The rickety balconies are ready to collapse on the heads of tourists.

Сотни заброшенных диснеевских замков в Турции

The history of the town is prosaic and banal. The businessmen brothers decided to build a city here for the rich people, who liked to relax in this area.

The city is located on the seashore, there are a lot of greenery and trees around, and the mild climate is ideal for relaxing.

In addition, gardens, ponds and artificial lakes were also conceived. But inflation changed their plans.

Life in fairy castles was supposed to be truly fabulous. However, financial difficulties prevented big plans and the city turned into an abandoned place for onlookers.

Сотни заброшенных диснеевских замков в Турции

However, we still hope that the construction of the project will resume. Of course, not everyone will be able to live in these castles, but still they are quite an interesting architectural idea.

Сотни заброшенных диснеевских замков в Турции

Thousands of tourists visit the mirage city every year. It may sound paradoxical, but perhaps if the city had been completed,

it would not have attracted so much attention and so many tourists and photographers would not have come here.

Disney castles look very unusual and create the illusion of something magical. And all people deep down want to believe in fairy tales.


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