Sister and brother dance very beautifully. They are real dancers

Dance is a great art  and gestures. Dance numbers have always been included in many rituals,

traditional receptions and just concert performances.

Everyone can dance, but not everyone can feel every note in the music and move smoothly to any rhythm.

A separate art and dance form is figure skating on ice. This is a grandiose work and iron endurance.

Athletes and artists dedicate their whole lives to this sport, training in a tough schedule.

The world was presented with many talented figure skaters. All of them were beautiful and unsurpassed in their own way.

In addition to competitions and olympiads, athletes also take part in various shows, charity evenings and amateur competitions.

Harvard hosts an annual ice show “An Evening with Champions”, in which many famous figure skaters take part.

This time the legendary American figure skaters Madison and Zachary performed at the show.

They are Olympic silver medalists in the team event, Olympic bronze medalists in ice dancing,

two-time silver and bronze medalists at the World Championships, winners of the Four Continents Championships,

winners of the Grand Prix Final, two-time champions and multiple medalists of national championships,

as well as world champions as part of the US team.

Madison Hubbell began skating at the age of five. At the age of eight, she switched to ice dancing.

Then she paired with her brother Kieffer Hubbell, with whom they became the bronze medalists of the Four Continents Championship,

the winners and silver medalists of the Junior Grand Prix Final, the US Junior Champions.

Since 2011, Madison has been paired with Zachary Donoghue. Their duet has become the most vivid and memorable.

For their performance, they chose the romantic song “Once he loved me.” The performance exceeded all expectations.

Madison and Zachary danced very sensually and plastically.

Like true professionals, they performed their dance flawlessly and received a storm of applause.


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