A van converted into an apartment. And did you like it?

Zach Botler is a young aspiring filmmaker who is constantly on the lookout for interesting stories and inspiration.

He travels a lot to find landscapes that are more suitable. So that it was comfortable to drive around, he decided to buy himself a motor home.

After looking at several models, he realized that everything is very expensive and does not meet his needs.

Режиссер превратил старый фургон в мобильную студию
Then the young man had the idea to make such a house with his own hands. He bought an old van from a neighbor and began the reconstruction.

His father, who was an electrician, assisted Zach. First, it was necessary to clean the rust, as the van had not been used for a long time and stood in the garage.

It had taken a few weeks to clean out the entire van.

Режиссер превратил старый фургон в мобильную студию

The next thing they did was to insulate the walls of the van so they could install a heating system.

Zach planned not only to drive the van, but also to stop in different cities for a certain time.

On all the inner surface of the van, they laid a heat-insulating material.

The floor was also completely replaced with new laminate flooring. It turned out to be a very cozy mini apartment.

Режиссер превратил старый фургон в мобильную студию

Zak decided to make all the furniture inside transformable, which, if necessary, free up space.

At the back of the van, he placed a bed, and made two windows in the rear tailgate, which made it possible to add light to the interior.

Zak equipped the van with a compact kitchen and bathroom, as well as a seating area. In all the works his father, who was well versed in the layout of the space, assisted him.

Режиссер превратил старый фургон в мобильную студию

Because of smart zoning, Zak was able to distribute all the necessary amenities in a small space.

The layout of the interior space of a motorhome is one of the most important parameters that determine the level of comfort of a mobile home on wheels.

To make the trip as comfortable and memorable as possible, he needed to choose the right layout for his motorhome.

The young man managed to realize his idea. Now he was ready to travel and discover new places and new ideas. That is all a creative person needs.

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