Transparent apples on trees. Have you seen anything like this?

Nature creates the most beautiful and unique patterns.

No matter how much a person tries to come up with designer things, not a single man-made decoration can be compared with nature.

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An unknown natural phenomenon made netizens wonder when a young guy named Andrew from Michigan showed ice apples online.

More precisely, there were no apples; they were icy empty transparent shells.

«Яблоки-призраки». Уникальный природный феномен Редкое явление, но очень красивое. Когда на ветке висит ледяная корка яблока, а внутри – пусто.

It felt as if the apples were glass souvenirs. But they actually grew on trees in Andrew’s garden.

After the publication of the photos, the ice apples became known to the whole world and everyone wondered where could they come from.

But everything has its own explanation. Crystal apples were discovered after a snow whirlwind.

This winter in Michigan was extremely low temperatures, which contributed to the fact that the apples that were left on the trees were covered with ice crust.

According to Andrew, this could only happen with fruits and vegetables that were left unharvested throughout the winter.

With most cultures, this simply does not happen. They may retain their shape, but their texture becomes more like applesauce.

When the temperature dropped to -18°C․ Apples contain a fair amount of fruit acid, so the temperature around them must be very low for them to freeze.

And under such conditions, they simply turned into a puree and flowed out of the ice shells.

It was cold enough that the ice covering the apple had not yet melted.

But it was warm enough for the apple inside the ice to turn into mush, since apples have a lower freezing point than water.

Most of the apples fell from the branches, and only those that were covered with a thicker layer of ice remained hanging on the trees, creating a mesmerizing scene.

Crystal or phantom apples have become popular on the net. As if someone had bewitched them. It’s incredible what beauty nature can create.

How many natural phenomena have not yet been studied.

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