The little girl grows up as a beauty. He is really very beautiful. Photos:

What is beauty? We often hear that beauty is a subjective category. Yes, we can disagree about a person’s attractiveness.

Baby Bailey was born to a Vietnamese father and African mother.

She inherited facial features from both parents and naturally the baby has an exotic appearance.

Narrow eyes, full lips and curly hair made her a real star of the Internet.

Each nationality has its own original external distinctive features. The Russian people have fair skin and blond hair,

dark-skinned Africans have black curly hair, Caucasians have open dark expressive eyes,

and Scandinavians have fair skin and blond hair. In real life,

it is very difficult not to go beyond the generally accepted opinion and choose a life partner from among your people.

After all, it is quite natural if a young man or girl went to a foreign country to study and there they met their future wife (husband) of a completely different nationality.

They have children. What they will be in life, no one can know in advance.

It is generally accepted that children in international families are born unique and beautiful.

Most likely, this is true in 95% of cases.

It would be more correct to say that such children are born with an atypical appearance, and are very different from their peers.

This makes them beautiful and different from others. Baby Bailey does not look like an African, although she has a dark skin color.

She does not look like a Vietnamese, although she has a narrow slit in her eyes.

The baby is beautiful in her own way, she inherited the best features from her parents.

So it is quite possible that little Bailey will grow up not only as a beauty, but also as a successful specialist.

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