The kind neighbors repaired the old woman’s house. Their act is admirable․ View photos of the home

Our world is big and vast, full of different people . How often do we lack kindness and a cordial friend.

However, the world is not without good people. Help can come from where you do not expect.

In one of the American states, an elderly retired teacher Anna Glensey lived in an old unsightly house.

The woman worked with children all her life and put all her soul and energy into her work.

She was so passionate about her profession and spent so much time on lessons and preparation for them

that she completely forgot about her personal life.

And life is short and fleeting. Now Anna is already retired, but she has no family or children.

The woman lived out her old age alone and lived like a recluse, not even communicating with her neighbors.

Her house fell into disrepair. Old windows, faded boards and unkempt lawn gave the impression that no one had lived in it for a long time.

According to the laws of the state, the house must always look well groomed and not spoil the view of the street; otherwise, a fine is imposed on the owner.

However, Anna was unable to take care of the house either physically or financially.

The women pension was only enough for life, she could not even think about any repairs.

The district administration, seeing that the old house continues to be in poor condition, imposed a fine on the woman.

The elderly teacher’s neighbors offered their help more than once, but Anna’s pride did not allow her to accept any outside help.

However, having learned that a fine was imposed on a neighbor, a young married couple living near decided to act.

Without asking Anna’s permission, they bought building materials and started repairs over the weekend.

They changed all the old windows and painted the boards outside. The neighbors also renovated and painted the roof and mowed the lawn.

Because of the work, the couple worked only on weekends, but they also involved their close friends in the work.

A month later, the house of Anna Glensey was unrecognizable. It looked like new.

The old woman could not hold back her excitement when she saw how her house was renovated.

But even more she was glad that such kind and sympathetic people live next to her, who are ready to help at any moment just like that.

The authorities canceled all fines after seeing how the house had changed. Anna revised her attitude towards her neighbors and slowly began to communicate with them.

They became very good friends and spent almost every weekend over a cup of tea visiting an elderly teacher.

For so many years of working with children, she has accumulated a sufficient number of interesting stories and memories.


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