Houses worth one euro are sold in Italy. Here’s what those houses look like

In 2019, the news spread around the world that houses worth one euro were being sold in Italy.

Many people hurried not to miss such a good deal and buy housing in a picturesque corner of Italy.

Among them was the architect Rubia Daniels, who moved to Italy from the United States.

She bought three houses at once in the very beautiful countryside, which was surrounded by mountains and forests.

A prerequisite for the deal was repairs, which had to be done within three years. Here it became clear why the houses were sold almost for nothing.

When the woman began renovating the first house, she did not expect that she would spend such a large amount.

Almost $25,000 was spent only on building materials. According to Rubia, she tried to buy the cheapest materials, and did most of the work herself,

as she was an architect by profession and understood construction.

The woman filmed everything on camera and showed it on her page on social networks so

that people understand what they are getting into when buying a house for one euro.

Only later Rubia found out what the point of selling houses was.

The fact is that in Italy the villages and countryside are almost empty.

Young people aspire to the cities, everyone who can find a job moves to the town.

The state thus decided to populate empty areas, and the obligatory repair was so that the houses would not fall apart.

As a result, such an amount was spent on repairs that you can buy an ordinary average house in Italy.

But despite all this Rubia does not regret her purchase. She had long dreamed of moving to Italy, and buying a house for such a price was a great opportunity.

She was already retired and wanted to travel. She did not have the opportunity to spend a large amount at once and buy a house for herself,

but it became quite possible to renovate it slowly over time.

Moreover, repairs can be done to her liking. She bought three houses for her children,

so that in the future they could come to rest or move there to live․

There are a lot of picturesque and historical places in Italy, not to mention the unique nature there.

Rubia is preparing to travel around the country as soon as repairs are completed. She will not touch the other two houses yet.

According to her, even if the children decide to come, there are enough rooms in her house to receive guests.

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