Finally, a girl child was born in this big family. There were 14 boys in the family

For parents, the birth of a child is a long-awaited miracle.

Some couples plan how many children to have, and some families prefer to give birth as many as given by nature.

The American Schwadt’s family has 14 boys. The couple met at school, and after graduation they got married.

From the very beginning they decided that they would have a large family and many children.

Family With 14 Boys Finally Welcomes A Baby Girl

The couple never thought about what gender children would be born,

but they expected that at least one girl would be born to them.

They often wondered why only boys were born in their family.

However, is it possible to remain calm when you have 15 men in your family?

This is constant housework – washing, cleaning, cooking and other household chores..

According to Katherine, the most difficult moment for her is raising boys. She wants her children to grow up to be worthy men.

When the eldest of the sons was 28 years old, Katherine became pregnant again. They were looking forward to finding out the gender.

And a miracle happened, a girl was finally born in the family. They named her Maggie.

This event became significant in the Schwadt family and made them famous throughout the country.

In various interviews, Katherine talked about the difficulties in a large family and how they coped with everything.

With the birth of her daughter, everything changed, now all her sons help her to take care of their sister.

Little Maggie does not yet know how many protectors and helpers she has. After 14 boys, Catherine seemed to have given birth for the first time.

For her, the birth of her daughter was a surprise.

Now she needs to buy not pants with boots, but dresses with shoes, as well as a lot of hairpins and bows, so that the girl grows up like a real princess.

Her husband does not hide that he loves his daughter in a special way.

For the girl, they have already equipped a separate room with pink furniture and lots of toys

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