Balloon festival in Australia. Here’s how beautifully it goes

Australia is a country of contrasts, where thousands of tourists come every year.

And it can rightly be called one of the most enchanting and beautiful countries on the planet.

It is a large country with a warm pleasant climate and smiling hospitable people.

Фиеста воздушных шаров в Австралии

There are waterless deserts and evergreen meadows, red rocks and pristine rainforests, and drying rivers are combined with the vast expanses of the oceans.

And yet the most amazing thing about Australia is the locals who managed to create a modern, technological and prosperous country on the ancient continent.

Here, as in any country, a lot of holidays and festivals are organized every year.

Фиеста воздушных шаров в Австралии

Any country has its own special, unique, traditional holidays. Australia is no exception.

In addition, it is during the holidays that you can get to know the people better, their characteristics and traditions.

Фиеста воздушных шаров в Австралии

Festivals are held in the country on any subject, from art to food. One of these is the Festival of Balloons, which takes place in March.

It is considered one of the longest running festivals of its kind in the world. And the thing is that it lasts for nine whole days.

And during the festival, more than fifty balloons fly over the sky of the capital not only from all over Australia, but also from other countries.

Фиеста воздушных шаров в Австралии

The festival usually starts in the morning, because it takes at least half an hour to prepare the flight.

In the sky you can see balloons not only of the classical form, but also other interesting figures.

The flight of air balloons depends entirely on weather conditions. And if they are not the most favorable, then the flight on this day is canceled․

Фиеста воздушных шаров в Австралии

This mesmerizing sight is visited by many tourists every year. Despite the fact that the same balloons take off into the sky every year, locals also try not to miss this holiday.

Фиеста воздушных шаров в Австралии

It is very interesting to watch how the sky is filled with colorful balls.

The festival is especially remembered by those who ride in an aerostat. Hot air ballooning is a great way to get the unforgettable experience of a lifetime.

This is a unique opportunity to see familiar places from above, take great photos and enjoy amazing landscapes.

Фиеста воздушных шаров в Австралии

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