A very small house with everything in it. Here is how spacious and beautiful the interior of the house is.

Over time, more and more construction companies are trying to develop pro-occupy little space.

A mini house is a compact building with an area of 11.5-50 m, intended for living..

Due to space savings, each room in the mini house performs many functions; every square meter is used rationally.

For zoning the area in the mini-house, partitions, niches, retractable furniture are used..

The mini house is equipped with all amenities: electricity, water, sewerage..

Small houses have their own philosophy and pragmatics.

This is a complete, affordable and mobile housing, designed today with a huge creative scope.

Архитекторский проект эстонской компании Kodasema.

Estonian architects have designed a new generation mini house. The main difference is that it can be assembled from component parts in just seven hours.

The house consists of concrete blocks, which are easily assembled and disassembled. The house has everything you need.

On the first floor, there is a living room and a kitchen, and on the second floor, there is a bedroom and a bed.

Микро-дом Koda площадью всего 30,3 кв. метров.

All furniture is included with the house. This is a very convenient option for those who have a small plot of land  ,  the house does not take up much space.

The house can be assembled, and then, if desired, disassembled and installed elsewhere.

План дома Koda.

The desire to retire and the unwillingness to pay exorbitant amounts for utilities has led to the fact that in many European countries,

mini-houses have also gained popularity among single people,

students and other categories of the population who find satisfaction in small but comfortable housing.

In the construction of mini-houses, “green” technologies are used. All this reflects the current trends and moods of the advanced part of our society.

План дома Koda.

Mobile mini-homes are not real estate, so they can be installed anywhere, including sanitary areas, recreation areas, nature protection areas.

The Estonian company plans to further develop the production of mobile mini houses, as they are in great demand among travelers and students.

The houses are also suitable for permanent residence.

Koda - компактный сборный домик.

Concrete walls protect from the cold and winds, while double-glazed windows provide sound and heat insulation.

The laconic layout of such buildings makes the most efficient use of the usable area,

so living quarters are being built without architectural frills in the form of empty corridors, spacious halls, dressing rooms.

Projects of small houses suggest that everything in them will be located compactly; the necessary things are always at hand.

People are increasingly striving to live away from big cities and closer to nature, and mini houses are great for such purposes.

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