This foldable “house” fits in your pocket. It’s amazing, isn’t it? Here’s what it looks like in its entirety

Minimalism in our time is gradually replacing all other styles and designs.

People are increasingly trying to protect themselves from attachment to places and things.

Modern building concepts in the construction and design of houses have changed radically.

For those people who are on the road a lot or like to travel, different models of trailers or motor homes are being developed.

Construction companies strive to create such a residential project that even with a minimum area it retains all the basic amenities.

складной дом

A breakthrough in this area was the project of the Barcelona-based designer Azuro. He created a folding house that fits in the pocket.

This incredible innovation has already managed to win over many fans of easy travel.

This self-inflating cube is crafted from the latest smart materials to keep warm on cold days and cool on hot days.

All you have to do is take the house out of your pocket and shake it until it fills with air.

складной дом

Azuro believes that such a house is perfect for those whose life is a road, without any material burdens.

For those who believe that they have everything, having almost nothing. Basic Home is not so much a product as a concept of a kind of extreme downshifting.

Who do you think would suit this house? People in today’s world are accustomed to convenience.

However, not everyone can afford even an inexpensive hotel, not to mention motorhomes.

складной дом

For those who want to travel and save money, this house will be a real find.

According to the designer, the presence of amenities distracts people from true relaxation, when not only the body, but also the soul rests.

When you lie in silence somewhere in nature without a TV and phone, when you are not distracted by the noise of a microwave and refrigerator,

you begin to listen and breathe into the sounds of nature. The basic folding house will provide complete distraction from work and fuss.

And the compactness of the house provides complete independence from the location and transport.

The house is very roomy and allows you to stand there in full growth, 2-3 people can safely spend the night in it.

You can also take it on hikes and fishing trips. On the market, the product was perceived with great excitement

and many people has already lined up for the purchase of a folding house.

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