The old grandmother decorates the street with her works. Watch and rate grandma’s work

While in different cities street artists decorate graffiti, in a small Scottish town, a grandmother decorates the city with knitwear.

She is already 104 years old, and she can no longer lead an active life, but she has found a job for herself.

She sits on city streets and knits. She is even called a street artist. And all because she decorates the streets and walls with her knitwear.

Grace herself says that she just really likes knitting, and she decided to combine business with pleasure by decorating her city.

Бабуля украшает улицы города вязанными вещами

This sweet old lady is also a member of the knitting community. She is the oldest there. But she is not going to stop this business.

And her work deserves the attention of the whole world. The woman says that she started knitting since childhood. Her mother and grandmother also knitted.

Бабуля украшает улицы города вязанными вещами

Not all people can have the patience for an activity that requires a lot of patience and concentration. According to Grace, knitting has a calming effect on her.

Everyone has a different attitude towards hand knitting.

Бабуля украшает улицы города вязанными вещами

Since ancient times, trying to decorate their life, people have sought to use the simplest materials to combine simple forms and means with unpretentious patterns,

while achieving high craftsmanship. Hand knitting initially appeared as a simple utilitarian necessity, later turned into a real art.

Hand knitting allows you to express your individuality, conceived image by choosing the texture and color of yarn, its weaves, design and style of products.

The fashion for knitwear is also the decoration of our interior. You can create a knitted lampshade or tablecloth, a napkin or a vase and the house will become cozy and warm.

Many patterns are not new in themselves, but the combinations of these patterns can be endless, and creative thought allows the creation of many forms.

Grace found a new meaning for herself in knitting. Her lovely works reflect a piece of her soul and kind heart.

Бабуля украшает улицы города вязанными вещами

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