The 13-year-old boy built a small house for himself. Just look at the final look of that house

Nowadays children do not really like activity and prefer to spend all their free time at the computer or playing games on the phone.

Unluckily, such activities do not always have a beneficial effect on the development of the child’s mind and psyche.

It is very important that parents encourage their children to be active and limit games with gadgets.

13-летний парень построил себе мини-дом

The parents of thirteen-year-old Luke from Iowa managed to develop in their son a love of work and creativity.

From an early age, the boy was fond of architecture and often made interesting structures from Lego.

When he grew up, his parents allowed him to use building tools and Luke with great pleasure made birdhouses and shelves for his books.

13-летний парень построил себе мини-дом

One day, Luke decided to build a separate small house in the backyard of his parents’ house. A bold decision for a thirteen-year-old teenager.

The boy approached his idea with all seriousness. First, with the help of his father, he made a drawing of the future house.

Then they dug the foundation. When the main and important part of the work was completed, the boy began the construction of his house.

He chose wood as the material. From the inside, he made a layer of insulating material to keep the house warm in winter and cool in summer.

13-летний парень построил себе мини-дом

The house was only 20 square meters, but it had everything he needs inside, including a small bathroom.

Luke used his savings, which he earned during the holidays, to purchase building materials.

Parents helped the boy to furnish the house with the necessary furniture and household appliances.

13-летний парень построил себе мини-дом

The boy even has a mini fridge and a microwave. This is how productive Luke spent his summer holidays.

13-летний парень построил себе мини-дом

The work skills formed in the family determine the entire life path of a person.

The main goal of labor education is the formation in children of a responsible and creative attitude to a variety of activities,

which is a certain preparation for future professional self-identification. Labor only then forms a positive attitude towards various types

of activity when it is well organized and filled with content. You can not force a child to do certain actions. It is necessary to develop in

him an interest in various types of labor and to be as an example for him.

13-летний парень построил себе мини-дом

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