Pilot writes note to tooth fairy, saves the day after girl loses her tooth in flight

The captain of the United Airlines wrote a letter to the tooth fairy for a girl who lost her tooth during the flight.

Lena’s family boarded a night flight after a 36-hour layover in New York from Norway, where they were on vacation, to their native South Carolina.

On board, the tired girl fell asleep and did not notice how her lower tooth fell out. The loss was discovered already in the baggage claim area.

Pilot Writes the Tooth Fairy a Note After 6-Year-Old Girl's Tooth Falls Out  — and Gets Lost — on Flight

The family tried to return to the plane in the hope of picking up the lost tooth, but it did not work out – the security doors were tightly closed.

The six-year-old girl became u  pset and began to c   ry. The tooth began to stagger a month ago and the girl was looking forward to when

it would fall out so that the tooth fairy would bring her a gift. After all, her mother told her that the tooth fairy is very attentive to the teeth that

she collects and uses for her castle, so if there is a cavity or a dark spot in the child’s tooth, she will throw the diseased tooth at the mouth

of a large cave, where it will be crushed into magic dust . And little Lena tried to take care of her milk teeth. After sweets and chocolates,

she rinsed her mouth, and thoroughly brushed her teeth in the morning and evening. But the tooth fell out during the flight.

Lena’s mother tried to comfort her. At that moment, the crew of the aircraft was passing by.

The captain of the plane, Josh Duhow, wrote a letter to the tooth fairy for Lena, in which he asked to take “this note instead of a tooth” of the girl.

Pilot writes letter to tooth fairy after little girl loses tooth on flight  | The Independent

It was a very kind gesture on the part of the pilot. He did not remain indifferent to the child’s crying and found time to help.

The girl’s parents were very grateful to the pilot and told about his actions to all relatives and friends.

She left a message under her pillow and in the morning found a gift from a fairy.

The child was very happy. She promised her mother to continue to look after her teeth so that the tooth fairy would not forget to bring her a gift next time.

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