Grandpa bought a school bus and now he takes his 10 grandchildren to school. Long live grandpa, right?

Childhood is always inextricably linked with grandparents. The best memories are associated with our grandmothers: carefree summer holidays, delicious pies,

hearty pancakes and many more pleasant and surprising things that a loving and dear person can give their grandchildren.

They love and pamper their grandchildren so much, trying to fulfill all their wishes.

The Oregon grandfather really wanted to spend more time with his grandchildren. He had fifteen grandchildren, ten of whom were schoolchildren.

The man had an idea to buy a bus and take the children to school. He and his wife started saving money.

For two years, the required amount was collected and the search for a suitable bus began.

Grandfather was lucky and bought a bus that used to be used to transport children.

He slightly updated the interior of the bus and limited the seat belts. When the children saw the cheerful yellow bus, they were delighted.

Every morning, before work, grandfather would pick up the children from home and take them to schools, and after school he would pick them up from school.

The children were happy to spend every day with their grandfather, who was a very cheerful person by nature.

Grandfather is the best friend and mentor, and he is important for the formation of the personality of the younger generation.

It is he who is another man in the family, an example and a bearer of invaluable life experience. And they invariably enjoy the love and respect of their grandchildren.

The secret is that the grandfather does not feel as responsible for the children as the parents.

Therefore, one can observe a certain ease in communication, often humor and the ability to compromise.

And even when the grandfather is strict, it is not as scary as the punishment from the father.

“Grandfather” – how much warmth and care in this word! The image of the oldest member of the family invisibly remains with the child for the rest of his life.

Grandchildren love him with special love. After all, grandfather will never criticize the actions of his grandchildren,

but will help to understand what happened and give valuable advice for the future.

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