A 72-year-old millionaire is looking for a young woman who will inherit his fortune

Is there a paradise in a hut without money? Nobody can answer this question exactly. As well as the question of whether there is happiness in money. The American millionaire lived his life in solitude. When he was 70 years old, he wondered if he needed all these riches when there was no family and children.

American millionaire Benjamin decided to participate in a TV show in search of love. A man has everything but a family.

On the TV show he spoke a little about his life. He was an ordinary guy from a poor family. Thanks to his instinct and quick grasp, he was able to achieve a lot.

The 72-year-old aristocrats millionaire is still looking for a woman to make her father - Bota

He opened his own business, at first small, but over а time things began to go uphill. He started earning money and investing again. Benjamin did not think about starting a family. He believed that in life the main thing is to have a lot of money and the rest can be bought.

He traveled a lot, had fun, tried everything and fulfilled all his dreams. Only when he reached old age he realized that happiness is not in money.

Now he does not even have a close person who could inherit his money. The man even tried to adopt a child, but he was not allowed to because of his advanced age.

Now he decided to meet a woman make a family. He would like that the woman was young, so that they could give birth to children.

Another requirement is selflessness. He wants his wife to live with him for love, and not because of material security.

A lot of applicants applied for the TV show. It remains to find out who Benjamin will choose as his wife and heirs. This is how fate can sometimes turn.

How many people complain about financial difficulties and do not appreciate relatives and friends who are nearby. We won’t earn all the money.

And Benjamin is an example that not always having money, you can be happy. We wish a man to find his love and become happy, because all ages are submissive to love.


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