Why Copenhagen’s houses are surrounded by strange oval courtyards

In Denmark, an interesting architectural experiment was carried out by the architect Sorenses. The picturesque residential area is located near the capital. The idea was based on the concept of communication. Nowadays, people have stopped communicating with each other. Even neighbors living on the same floor do not know each other. The virtual world has replaced real communication. The architect decided to build a residential area where will be no paved roads.

The plot of land on which the village was to be built was completely landscaped and trees were planted. The nature of Denmark is already very beautiful and fruitful, there are a lot of forests and green areas. All houses are built in the same style with wooden finishes to merge even more with nature. The most important feature of the village is a small oval plot of land around each house, which is highlighted by decorative bushes. The houses are surrounded by natural hedges. To get to the house, residents must leave their cars in the parking lot which is located outside the village, and then go on foot.

On the way home, residents have the opportunity to take a break from work in the fresh air, walk along the tennis alleys, and most importantly, communicate with each other. The architect wanted to achieve live communication and he succeeded. The village looks like a fairytale place. The houses are all similar to each other, and the oval hedges of shrubs from a height create a beautiful picture. Residents of big cities sometimes lack silence, clean air and lively communication. Life in the capitals and large centers goes on at a fran   tic pace, time flies by unnoticed. More and more people are seeking to purchase housing in rural areas or build houses in secluded areas of nature, in the forest or on the banks of the river. Sorences’ project meets all the requirements of the average city dweller. The trend to build eco houses and entire areas is rapidly developing.

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