These rare orchids look like tiny monkey faces.

Our nature is diverse and multifaceted. There are millions of species and subspecies of flora and fauna in it. Flora deserves special attention. Such a variety of flowers, trees and plants can be found in different parts of the world. A prime example of this is the rare orchid with the scientific name Dracula, which looks like it has a monkey face in the middle of the flower. This flower is so unusual that in the photographs it seems that this is not a real plant but someone’s joke.

This flower mainly grows in the mountains of Ecuador, Colombia and Peru. The orchid loves a humid climate. It is very difficult to grow it at home or greenhouse conditions. Only in some greenhouses, where the moisture and temperature regime is strictly observed, this type of orchid is grown. In nature the flower is unpretentious, it blooms almost at any time of the year, regardless of the weather. For the first time the flower was found by naturalist Heinrich Reichenbard.

The monkey orchid has almost one hundred and twenty species which all differ in color and size. In 1978 botanists described this species, and journalists placed it in all magazines. So the whole world learned about the new flower. Short stems have long and narrow long leaves in the form of a belt.

The colorful, usually solitary flowers are usually large and pendulous, although some species have erect inflorescences. Another unique characteristic of these flowers is the citrus aroma. This type of orchid is almost impossible to grow indoors. The plant loves shade and high humidity.

In nature, it grows at the roots of trees, but is not a parasitic plant. There is no doubt that these orchids will make a big impression whether they are in your garden or in pots at home. To see a wild flower, scientists and amateurs are ready to climb to the tops of the mountains.

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