Check out the $4,000 homes you can build in 24 hours

Half a century ago if we had been told that texts could be printed on paper, we would have laughed and decided that this was fiction. Todaы the printer does not surprise anyone. They have become massively available and every second person has a printer at home. Along with 2D printers 3D printing is already actively developing. Initially, spatial printing was used mainly in jewelry and furniture production. Today however, science has taken a leap forward. There are already printers that can print houses. Icon and Vulkan companies produce printers for residential complexes. That was the first time that a house of only 32 square meters was printed. It took two days and ten thousand dollars to print it.

However, the company’s engineers noted that the printer did not work at full capacity. That is, it could be assumed that if they turn on the printer at full capacity, then the house can be printed in twenty-four hours and the cost will be halved. 3D printers are a real miracle of technology. Initially, such printers were created to print temporary housing.

But today, modern technologies allow using a printer to print a house not in detail, but in one block. This is a very budget option for the poor population living in the slums. In the near future, firms plan to build dozens of such houses in different countries. The first tests have already passed.

The printer weighs about two tons and can withstand very low and high temperatures. This will allow the use of such equipment in the far north and in hot countries, where the housing issue is particularly acute. The next step in the development of the company called the production of printers operating in space.

It sounds incredible, but this is a very real project that can be implemented if the firm receives funding. Representatives of the company claim that it will be possible to print temporary and permanent space stations not only in space but also on other planets.

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