A house with an area of 24 m², which has everything for a summer vacation

There is an amaising rest zone In Vietnam where hotel rooms are made in the form of large barrels. The company Zentado is known for its creative ideas in the travel industry. On the shore of a small lake they installed barrels with an area of 24 square meters. At first glance it seems that they can not accomodate more in such a small area but the architects found a rational solution. Inside the barrel is a folding smart furniture that can be transformed into any other piece of furniture.

The barrel is divided into two zones – a bedroom and a living room. In the sleeping area there is a large double bed that turns into a comfortable sofa at the day. In the part of the living room there is a transformer wardrobe which, if necessary, turns into a table. The barrel-shaped room has a small kitchen and a washing machine. For vacationers there is everything they need. Due to the light colors of the interior and the sloping shape the room looks very spacious.

On the ceiling there are small windows with shatters that can be opened for more light and closed when it’s hot. All rooms, furniture and even dishes are made of wood, and inside the walls are covered with oak boards. Everything is left in its natural form covering with a layer of varnish.

Solar panels are installed on the roof for heating, and a tank is built over the shower, so that in summer the water is heated by the sun. The barrel is located in such a way that it offers a beautiful view of the lake, where turists can go fishing or boating.

The barrel-shaped hotel is very popular. Everyone wants to relax in a picturesque corner in unusual rooms. The hotel provides a very interesting service. Vacationers can choose the design of their yard. Depending on their attitude, they may be given a gazoon, a carpet, or a concrete cover. Around the hotel there is a forest where you can walk and breathe fresh air.


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