9-Year-Old Girl Makes AGT History By Singing With A Voice Way Beyond Her Age

How many talented children at different times performed on the show America is looking for talents.

Many were remembered by the judges and entered the history of the competition. Member of the jury made a separate speech in which they admired Victoria’s talent and wished her further success. And all thanks to her parents, who always believed in their child and supported in everything. It is very important for children to know that next to them there is reliable support and protection. One of them was Victoria, whose song made the audience burst into tears. The little girl is only nine years old. She has a large family, where there is always a lot of chores and worries.

Victory Brinker, 9, makes history on America's Got Talent

Victoria has always loved to sing. According to her mother, she sang everywhere, even when she was taking a bath.

It was clear to everyone that the girls had talent. Victoria really wanted to take a part in the show America is looking for talents and her dream came true.

Her parents supported her in everything and went with her. Having stepped on the stage, Victoria has already captivated both the audience and the jury.

9-Year-Old Opera Singer Receives Golden Buzzer on America's Got Talent - YouTube

She had such a sweet smile and kind eyes that everybody wanted to come up and hug her.

Victoria chose a very difficult song from the opera Romeo and Juliet. Before starting to sing, the judges had a little conversation with the adorable child.

They were wondering what the girl would spend the money won on, to which Victoria replied that she would buy them all colorful costumes.

WATCH: 9-Year-Old Victory Brinker Makes AGT History! – the Republic Mail

A more unexpected answer could not be imagined. Well, she further added that she would spend money to enter a music college, because she so dreams of becoming a singer.

Victoria began her performance with such high mood. That was incredible. She had a great voice. With such clarity she took the highest notes that the judges had goosebumps.

There was complete silence in the hall. Everyone listened with delight as a nine-year-old girl sang. When she finished, the judges came up to her and hugged her.

The girl burst into tears from excitement. Everything was so touching. This performance will be remembered by all for a long time. Each me

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