60-year-old man burst into tears like a child when he first met his mother, who left him in a shelter

Children are born and grow up in families with their mom and dad. However, it often happens that children grow up without parents and end up in a foster family. This happened to the American Doni Balard who ended up with foster parents. He had a very loving family – father, mother and sister. Doni did not need anything and he was raised as his own child. However, all his life the man dreamed of meeting his biological mother. He didn’t know anything about her except her name. He was interested in what she looks like, what she does, what her voice and habits are. His adoptive parents also had no information about her. Doni decided to apply to an organization that was looking for missing relatives. His sister supported him. A few years later they called him and said they found his sister. Doni was extremely excited when he called his sister.

Stuart and Simon connected over music

They talked, the woman was very surprised that she had another brother and gave him their mother’s address. When the day of the meeting came, he was happy. Despite everything she was his mother, who gave him life. Mother and son both burst into tears when they met. After 60 years they found each other again.

Simon and Stuart had a emotional reunion

The mother told Donnie that her mother forced her to give her son to foster parents. Then the woman got married and gave birth to five more children. However throughout her life she did not forget about her son and thought about his fate. Children love their parents no matter what. After all, different circumstances happen in life and no one can be judged strictly. Doni dreamed of meeting and hugging his mother although he had never seen her. He didn’t even know if she was waiting for him or if she had already forgotten. Having found a mother, Doni also met his brothers and sisters. According to the man, his family has become larger. A person never knows in advance what fate has prepared for him.

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