The interior of these houses is really surprising. Look how comfortable and beautiful they are

In California, a travel company offers tourists and vacationers unusual vacation homes. Increasingly, designers and architects are trying to come up with unusual concepts for houses and hotels. In tourism like in any field, there is a lot of competition. For this reason holiday home owners are building new modern hostels or remodeling old ones. Due to the lack of space, it is often necessary to use zoning or build multi-level houses. The BNBair company offers vacationers eco-houses in the forest in the form of mushrooms.

This original project became very popular. Houses are made of wood and have an area of only ten square meters. Only three people can live inside. Let’s take a look inside these fabulous houses. At all ten meters there is a studio-living room with mini kitchen facilities and an eco-friendly bathroom.

Under the dome a second floor was made in the form of an attic where a double bed was placed. There is a small wooden staircase leading up to it. That’s the whole interior. In front of the houses there are small terraces in the form of balconies. On the terraces there are folding tables and chairs if anybody will want to sit and drink coffee or have a snack.

Mushroom-shaped houses with a minimalist interior are the opposite of chic hotel rooms. No wonder they are in high demand.

Tired of ordinary hotels and the same entertainment, people are looking for new sensations. Such a secluded place in the forest began to lure more and more visitors. Here tourists can not only relax from the city noise, but also work remotely in a relaxed atmosphere. BNBair plans to expand in this area, building tree houses and water houses.

Also, the company is ready to work on order and supply such houses not only throughout the country, but also abroad. Mushroom houses can be placed anywhere, even on the territory of a country house or on a plot of land.

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