He drove 2400 km to surprise his girlfriend – and caught up with her ․․․

How many books have been written about happy love and how many films have been made.

Everyone wants to be happy next to their soul mates. And no one wants to go through p ain and disappointment.

But in life not everything always happens so smoothly, as in fairy tales.

A young man met his girlfriend for over a year and everything was fine.

The couple planned to get married. It so happened that the boy was offered a good job in another city and he decided to not refuse.

It was a good chance to earn money for a wedding and an apartment.

So they decided to meet for a while at a distance. It was hard not to see each other for a long time.

The young man missed his girlfriend but he was co nsoled that all this was temporary and for their own good.

One day he decided to surprise his beloved. He took a day off from work and went to his hometown.

He did not warn anyone in advance. It was a long drive, they were separated by 2400 kilometers.

In advance, he rented a teddy bear costume and bought a bouquet of flowers.

By the time the young man reached the city, it was already evening and just before the end of the working day.

At first, he wanted to meet his girlfriend at home, and then propose to her to be his wife.

But plans changed and he went to meet her from work.

What was his surprise when he saw his beloved with another one.

She left work and walked arm in arm with another man.

Rese ntment and p ain overwhelmed the young man’s heart. He ran up to them and took off his bear costume.

He just wanted to look her in the eye and walk away.

The girl rushed to catch up with him. She wanted to justify herself, but it didn’t matter anymore.

Everything that happened was filmed on video, as the guy wanted to make a marriage proposal and

then put it on the Internet so that everyone would know about his happiness.

But it turned out that he posted his p ain and disappo intment on the Internet. Users supported the guy and wrote a lot of supportive comments.

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