A talented man from Vietnam draws realistic portraits with chalk on the asphalt

The history of drawing originates from the very beginnings of human civilization. For many millennia before the advent of writing, our ancestors depicted hunting scenes, figures of people and animals on the walls of caves to convey important information to each other. Drawing is the oldest form of fine art, a subspecies of graphics and the structural basis of any image. For many years, it remained essentially only an auxiliary tool in the work of an artist, sculptor or architect.

Most creative personalities, after finishing work on the next work, usually threw away numerous sketches and sketches. Drawing for the master serves as a convenient means of knowing reality and displaying it in his work of art. In the process of drawing from nature or from memory, the painter carefully analyzes the forms of the depicted objects, determines the ideal place for them in the composition.

A young artist from Vietnam has reached a whole new level of art, he draws with multi-colored crayons on the pavement. But he does not draw children’s drawings, but portraits. From the age of ten, the guy studied as a portrait painter, and at fourteen he entered an art school. A talented young man participates in many street festivals. His portraits look very realistic.

It seems that a person in a minute will smile or frown. In the process of working on a painting, the author combines two main methods of drawing: from nature and from memory. They are harmoniously intertwined. The master tries not only to accurately convey what he saw, but also adds personal impressions. The young artist uses asphalt as a canvas. His drawings immediately attract the eye. The minus is they don’t last long. After all, such works of art should not be lost due to rain or snow.

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