There’s a house in Oregon that’s inconspicuous on the outside, but inside it looks like the house of kings

In the state of Orizona, a house for sale is ordinary on the outside and unusual on the inside.

The house belongs to the former countess and fully corresponds to the status of the hostess.

After her husband passed away, the woman was left completely alone. Her only relative was her brother, who lived in this state.

The countess boiled an ordinary house and did not change anything outside. But inside, she completely changed everything.

The woman covered all the walls with velvet. The floors were made of oak parquet.

She threw out all the old furniture and bought new, but in a vintage style.

She managed to buy such furniture from churches and antique dealers.

The house became like a real palace. A huge oak table with chairs, entourage chandeliers, red leather sofas – all this looked rich and expensive.

Everyone who entered the house felt like a king. The kitchen was stocked with vintage painted crockery with gold trim around the edges.

On the walls, the countess hung expensive paintings in the marine and natural style.

Heavy burgundy curtains hung from the windows, adding to the grandeur of the rooms.

When there is such luxury all around, one wants to sit on the throne. The house also had a huge library with old and new books.

She brought some of them with her, and some she already acquired in local stores and vernissages.

The woman really missed her former life and she was lonely.

The house reminded her of the past and she felt happy in it.

The countess spent a huge amount of money to turn the house into a palace.

And so she put the house up for sale, because she is already too old to take care of it.

But the advertisement says that the house is for sale on the condition that the new owners will not change anything there.

Apparently, a woman is sad to part with all this luxury, especially since she spent so much time and energy on it.

She wants the house to remain the same, even with different owners.

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