The man has built a house under a stone and lives there. The Mexican showed the device of the dwelling, for which he was nicknamed the caveman

Whatever the inquisitive mind of a person can think of. In the desert of northern Mexico,

a man named Aracel Hernandesi built himself an unusual home.

In this desert people do not live and do not even pass by. But the man liked this quiet deserted place.

The most amazing thing is that he built his house under a rock.

In fact he carved a dwelling in the rock, and left a huge stone for the roof.

The house looks very unusual and impressive. It is a mix of present and past.

Aracel wanted to live like his ancestors but he did not completely abandon the amenities.

All the work was done by the man himself. He wanted to bring the house as close to nature as possible .

The house has everything you need – light, communications and sewerage.

Sandstorms are common in the desert, as well as heavy rains at some times of the year.

A peculiar design with a rock instead of a roof serves as protection against all natural bad weather.

The only difficulty is that there are no shops or green areas nearby, so he has to get to the nearest settlement for groceries.

The news about the construction and the man living alone spread not only throughout Mexico, but also beyond its borders.

Tourists and curious locals began to come to the empty desert.

Everyone really wanted to see how the house in the rock was equipped from the inside.

Arasel gladly shows his house. The inside is no less amazing. All furniture is also carved from stone or carved into the rock.

Thanks to the unique house, the desert became very popular, and Hernandesi began to organize excursions for money.

Journalists are also frequent guests.

In one of the interviews, the man admitted that he did not regret that he had moved to this

place and would not part with his house for anything in the world.

Although he was repeatedly offered to buy his house along with the rock for a great price.

His house has become for him a fortress in which he feels protected himself.

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