The domed house, which the musician managed to build in a month and a half and 9 thousand dollars.

Steven is a young musician and artist who loves to travel and makes friends all over the world.

He is inspired by the beautiful sights of different countries, but he does not have his own home.

And all the money is mainly spent on moving and recording songs.

One day while on vacation, he decided to visit his friend in Hawaii, who had a very beautiful cottage.

Steven shared his dream to also have a beautiful house with an unusual design.

Then his friend decided to give the young man a small plot of land, which he would not need anyway.

Steven was very happy and began to think about the design of the house.

His creative nature wanted something unusual and natural. He decided to build a domed eco house out of clay and bamboo.

Luckily, his friend had a machine that made clay blocks. The young man set to work.

First of all he dug the foundation, then he began to lay out walls from clay blocks.

The domed design was not chosen by chance. Such projects are energy saving.

Steven finished the construction in two months. He used only natural materials: clay, wood, bamboo.

Then the musician proceeded to the interior decoration.

He came up with the whole design in the boho style, so that it would be nice to write a songs.

He placed the bedroom right under the dome, where sunlight fell from above.

Outside, he painted the house bright orange. The building turned out to be extraordinary. In the front yard,

Stephen made an artificial pond with lilies, and a wooden staircase led to an open attic where sunbeds were hung.

There was no such house in the whole district.

And he spent only $ 9,000 on the construction.

Steven was very inspired by his house and decided to save up money for another eco-house made of more durable materials.

When Steve left to travel, his friend arranged excursions and showed this unusual house.

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