Meet the 8-year-old girl with an IQ higher than Einstein and Hawking

All children are born different. Someone likes to sing, another one to draw.

Every person has certain abilities from childhood. But sometimes

God endows children with brilliant abilities. The brilliant girl Adara lives in Mexico.

The girl is only eight years old, and she has already managed to finish school and studies at two universities.

The history of Adara is not an easy one. The girl was born with a behavioral disorder.

When she went to kindergarden, the teachers could not find an approach to the child.

She didn’t talk to anyone and didn’t have any friends.

The child had problems with adaptation.

The family was able to overcome these difficulties, the mother read a lot of relevant literature and studied with her daughter.

Already at school it was noticeable that Adara was talented. After passing the IQ test, she scored 162 points.

This is more than some famous physicists and astronomers have. Adara loves physics and mathematics very much.

She finished school in two years and entered two universities. The girl is studying online.

At one university she studies languages, and at the second she is studying to become an engineer-technologist.

The girl is also taking courses at the NASA Academy, where she studies astronomy.

Adara really wants to become an astrophysicist and astronaut.

The family moved from the city to the capital so that their daughter has more opportunities for development.

After graduating from universities, the girl wants to study at the University of Arizona at the Faculty of Astrophysics.

Despite her genius, an eight-year-old girl remains a child. In her free time she plays with dolls and construction toys like all children.

Adara’s parents support her in everything. But they are not forced to do anything.

They believe that every child should have a childhood, even wunderkinds. All that their daughter does is her desire.

At such a young age she is already included in the list of the most influential women in Mexico and has received many awards.

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