Brazilian street artist paints portraits of women using trees as hair

In Brazil, in a small town, there lives an artist with amazing and unique works.

It is impossible to pass by his paintings and not stop. There is no such style anywhere else.

He paints street portraits of women and children with bushes and trees instead of hair.

The artist’s name is Fabio Gomez. Thanks to his paintings, the city turned into an art gallery under the open sky. His style is unique.

This is a mix of street urbanism and natural impressionism. He draws with bright colors, emphasizing every line.

Passing by, everyone involuntarily stops.

His art is mesmerizing. When a light breeze blows and stirs the branches, the picture comes to life, it seems that the painted girl is about to smile.

According to the artist, once he saw. a very beautiful tree that hung its branches over the old wall.

He compared the tree to a lonely girl with long hair.

So the idea came to him to finish the face, and the branches will remain as hair.

Fabio’s works became known not only in his hometown, but throughout Brazil and beyond.

The artist had a lot of admirers and successors of his style.

According to him, he is glad if empty and sad walls in all cities are decorated with bright pictures.

Once in an interview, he told how his paintings are born. He is not looking for a girl to draw.

On the contrary, he looks for a beautiful tree or a flowering bush, and then picks up facial features.

According to him, he was always inspired by nature and its beauty. He can watch for hours how leaves sway and flowers bloom.

The city became popular due to its peculiar graffiti.

More and more tourists come to walk and look at street art and take pictures.

Not to mention the fact that the artist has long gained great fame on the Internet. Many people write and tell about his paintings.

The more beauty and harmony around, the happier people feel. And beauty and harmony are inextricably connect with nature.

Not every artist can feel this connection so subtly and capture it in his work.

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